MH17 investigation: Russia has it coming

Malaysia, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine are eyeing the possibility of creating an independent international tribunal to investigate the downing of MH17 in July, 2014.

The proposal to create a tribunal surfaced when Russia vetoed July 30 similar Security Council resolution, Reuther’s reports, citing Netherlands’ FM representative.

“One of the variants is an international tribunal supported by the 5 countries,” the Dutch representative said.

Following the SC abortive vote, the Dutch FM Bert Kunders said the 5 countries will continue to look for mechanisms to bring to account those guilty of the MH17 catastrophe

There are satellite photos of MH17 downing, ex-SBU general says

Ex-head of SBU investigation department Gen. Vasyl Vovk says there exist the satellite imagery of how the Russian missile downed the MH17 passenger plane over Donbas.

Vovk released the information he had while in office to Russia-based Navaya gazeta Oct. 12, Ukrayinska pravda reports.

“There were no Russian satellites over the area at the time of the downing. Whose satellites were there? The imagery was made by one of the big powers,” he hinted.

“I stress that the imagery relates to the place and to the plane. Why they haven’t been published so far is anyone’s guess. The international investigators have not been given the photos, too,” the general said.

The imagery could prove a decisive evidence of the crime, he said.

The MH Boeing carrying 298 passengers and crew was shot down on July 2014 over Donbas.

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