Two power pylons supplying electricity to occupied Crimea blasted near Chonhar

Two power pylons supplying electricity to the peninsula were blown up by unknowns at night near Chonhar on the administrative border with the Russian-occupied Crimea.
The State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kherson region claims two power pylons of Melitopol-Dzhankoi power line were damaged but did not fall.

According to preliminary information, the explosion was caused by 82-mm mortar shells planted on the pylons. Two of them failed to go off and were neutralized by explosion engineers who shortly arrived at the scene.

The incident was reported by the activists blocking trucks heading to Crimea with food and commodities.

The activists of the civil blockade of the occupied Crimea are set to block the restoration of power pylons supplying electricity to the peninsula.

“Those responsible for the blast have not been identified, despite activists’ plans to start a power blockade after the food one. Nobody intended to explode anything, although there were activists proclaiming more radical steps than that of the organizers.” said the coordinator of the civil blockade of Crimea Lenur Isliamov.

“People who live in Crimea could actually do that. Besides, we have a country at war, where anything is possible, so it could be done by anyone. Even by those who want to portray our peaceful campaign as more radical and set Ukrainians against us,” Isliamov suspects.

“If the pylons are to be repaired, we will block the works without fail,” the activist promises at the same time.
He says that one of the pylons still has a mine attached to it, which has been neutralized, and the two blasted poles have to be utilized, with a new pylon to be planted instead.

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