Poroshenko fails exam in Riga

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“Poroshenko still has not understood what was done to him in Riga” is the title of the article by political scientist Viktor Nebozhenko, which has become very popular in social networks

“It’s a shame for the country, but I liked how Europe “dealt” with Ukraine of Poroshenko at the Riga Summit,” Joinfo.ua quotes the conclusion on the results of the Riga Summit.

Here is the full text of the article by Nebozhenko, published on the forum of the online news agency of Ukrayinska Pravda.

“Feeling himself a lucky seller of “Maidan’s air” and some Eastern European Talleyrand, successfully waltzing between Europe, the U.S. and Russia, Poroshenko did not understand what was done to him in Riga. The participants of the Riga Summit are top-notch politicians and they easily understood the words and postures of the nimble provincial business negotiator, “bargaining” prospects and problems of Ukraine. Poroshenko did not understand that it was not a meeting of equals, but an examination of the European political elite, which he failed.

All attempts of Poroshenko to pass off the non-fulfillment of his commitments to the EU as a difficult act that requires “strategic patience” from the EU, failed. Europe is not Ukraine. It does not like when politicians publicly lie or do not fulfill their promises to other politicians or voters. Poroshenko did not understand it. What is easily got away with in Ukraine will not take place in Europe.

In general, after Riga, Europe doubted that Ukraine has national politicians with European orientation and not oligarchs as the President, businessmen, deputies and demagogues, corrupt ministers, importunate visitors of the Ukrainian TV shows, shamelessly stealing and living well during war “in a new way” (“Living in a new way” was the slogan of the party of Petro Poroshenko before the presidential elections – Ed.). There are a lot of people, but Europe has no one to choose from.

The danger to Poroshenko is that a year of presidency has brought him huge profits, but also serious criticism from the part of society. His attempt to make money, control the country’s foreign policy, and win the war with Russia simultaneously, has failed. He is a “one-man band.” But the coincidence of negative domestic and foreign assessments is a bad sign.

President Poroshenko needs to do something. He needs either to start reforms, risking to lose power and property, but to gain the respect of the people for the courage and statehood.

Or he should find the lightning rod for his troubles: changes in personnel, local elections, cassette scandals, collapse of the Cabinet, or reformatting of the parliamentary majority, constitutional cramps, replacement of Lozhkin with Kovalchuk, noisy arrests, combat victory at the front, information tantrums, frame-up of the General Prosecutor’s Office, an attempt to escape from Firtash, “dirty dancing” (tango with Putin) in Minsk, and in the end, painting of presidential administration building in Kyiv, and so on.

This is the way the legendary Lazarenko behaved, when he did not know what to do with the country – he began to paint the facade of the Cabinet, naively thinking that he was copying with economic reforms.”

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