Belarus adopts new legislation concerning the ‘green men’

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Belarus introduced amendments to the Law “On Martial Law“. This legislation redrafted after the Russian intervention in Ukraine and will come into force on February 1, 2015.

According to this document, the appearance of armed men without identification chevrons (aka ‘green men’ in Crimea last March) on the territory of Belarus will be considered as an attack, endangering the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Belarus. Starting from February 2015, sending of armed bands (groups), irregular or regular forces by another state will be considered as an attack against Belarus.

The Law also considers the concentration of the armed forces of another state near the Belarusian border (if aggressive intentions are clear) or the mobilization in another state with the aim to attack Belarus to be enough to introduce the martial law.

Meanwhile, according to Charter97, the hidden mobilization has started in Belarus. One Belarusian reservist states, that “the reservists are called to the training camps in Grodno and Brest regions of Belarus in order to respond to NATO activities in Poland”.

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